Spoiled Rotten

Are you now starting to walk into stores thinking..."I can make that?" That's what I did yesterday! I walked into a little shop with homemade country decorations. I'm not a huge fan of "country living" as a matter of fact, I would be bored silly staring at a corn field. However, country made crafts are cute, unique, and usually very well made. Here is a neat idea,
and you can pick your poison as to what you want it to be. Easily made, the reverse side is just a box with four sides, and they attached the snowman's face. The eyes and mouth are simply drilled (easily done with a drill press) and the top is what it appears to be, a piece of wood and a small wooden handle (as a rectangular shape) brad nailed to the top. You could leave the back open and put a candle inside, or you could make a box and not nail down the lid. How easy!

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