Talk about your standard trial and error! I think I did more brainstorming as to how I was going to construct this ring, than it took me to complete the project. I had bought a ring at a side walk sale...(truth be told-I bought it so that I could make it) it seemed like a simple project. I figured I would grab a wooden rod at the local Lowes, and drill a hole in the center, then I would cut the the rod on an angle and sand it. Correction Ashley....
try drilling a hole down the center of a wooden rod, furthermore, try cutting a two inch long circular rod at an angle on each end. I would like to tell you that this is an inexpensive project, but it cost me a drill press and a vice...roughly 85.00. My trick to the trade...SANDING. Cut the 2 inch wooden rod on the miter saw, place it into the vice on the drill press (you can attached a vice to a drill press, don't worry) drill the hole with a forstner bit (NOT a twist bit- it will bite the wood and you'll take a chance of ripping it out of the vice, or breaking the sides). Then use a belt sander set at a 25 degree angle, and sand the ends of the ring. Again- spray the shellac over the stain and make sure it's dry before you add any paint for the design. If you don't do this the paint will bleed into the wood.

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