Quirky Christmas Cork

Not just any Christmas ornament

Since our first meeting, Wood and Wine Club has been saving each and every cork from every wine bottle ever indulged during a meeting. We meticulously date each and every cork, and if (I dare say) we sacrifice the name of the wine while de-corking; well... we mark that down too. One of our followers Alison, came up with an inspirational idea for the use of all those corks. This sent us me into a fierce determination to find interesting uses for our plethora of corks. That being said;  here's looking at you Alison!

1. First I drank saved several bottles of wine to get the necessary corks….after sobering resting up, I cut one cork in half to use for legs.

2. I used the knife to slice a little V out of the cut portions of the leg corks-I made the cut about 1/3 of the way from an edge.

3. Using hot glue, I attached the legs to the body cork positioning it so that the larger portion of the cork (in relation to the V cut)

4. Is towards the middle of the body.  Next, slice another V cut into the head cork also about 1/3 of the way down the cork.

5. Attach the head to the body using hot glue.  Attach eyes and nose with hot glue.

6. Wrap pipe cleaner above eyes for antlers and around the body or neck to make a hanger for the ornament.

Use to garnish the tree

3 wine corks
Mini google eyes
Red chenille puff for the nose
Sparkly pipe cleaners
Hot glue gun
Serrated kitchen knife

Check out the website below to see where I got my inspiration!

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