Here's your hat-what's your hurry?

My front door is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
Not to mention, what you're seeing is not my entryway, on the contrary;  that's my kitchen.

My front door opens up to my spacious kitchen, and right before you trip over a rather sizable pub table, your battle begins with a shoe obstacle. We've got one thing going for us-the shoes are at least on near the rug.

I remember the day well, almost Christmas;  packages in both of my hands;   I open my front door to the fresh smell of pine (due to a retired yankee candle) and just as they say in story books, tripped over someone elses "own two feet". I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I was so frustrated with the ridiculous pile of shoes in my well traveled path.

My mother self-diagnosed, the disease "dropsy" frequently when we were younger; definition: the uncanny ability to drop objects in convenient places. She would say, "I think you have a case of the dropsy girls, you dropped your coats on the banister instead of in your room. Pick it up". Well, a day in the workshop and I did just that.

I wanted a multi-functional, modern looking shoe rack. I bought $20 worth of wood at Lowes, and came home to stare at a bunch of 2x6 and 2x4. "This will give me an opportunity to use my pocket hole jig. (I still have absolutely no idea how Sam whips projects up simply using a pocket hole jig).

The first time I used my pocket hole jig, I put  it together my self, directions? Never heard of them. I drilled my first "hole on a slant" I described to my Grandfather who proceeded to roll his eyes,  and it went right through the wood leaving a very large hole. Larger than the screw head that was supposed to be drilled in it's place. I shut the lights out, went upstairs and popped the tutorial cd in the computer.

I can admit when I'm wrong, I can not admit when I'm stupid.

The shoe rack built vertically allows me more floor space, and room for everyone to walk in my front door comfortably. Shoes are now taken off on the rug, and placed on one of the shelves.

As in real estate, location location location-the same holds true for the shoe rack. You can't possibly get past it, since it is now the obstacle in front of the front door. However, it's a break through in research for patients suffering from dropsy.

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