Valentine's Day

Last night we had our first WWC meeting of 2011, and we were off to horrible start.  We went through two bottles of wine before the meeting even started, and we didn’t even have a drink!  Someone (we won’t mention names…ok Sam ) slipped on ice and  fell.   In true infomercial style we hear “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.  As we run to rescue our friend (rethinking that one), we realize she saved herself (selfish) and let the two bottles (which are only for after project celebration) take the brunt of the fall.  However, she did save the cookies and the printed project patterns.

So the love was back, and we were in session!
Click to see what we made!

Our Valentine's day project list:
Free Patterns 
Scroll Saws 
Paint and Brushes 

We choose free project patterns online.  Ashley had the brilliant idea of using free Valentine’s day coloring sheets as patterns.  Sam enlarged the images, and printed them on multiple sheets.  Danielle then taped the images together, and attached them to the plywood with a light adhesive spray.  Our President just shook his head, he loves us.   

We have three scroll saws going at the President’s wood shop.  Ashley and Sam have Delta saws and Danielle and The President have Dewalt saws.  Using a scroll saw is very similar to using a sewing machine, and just requires practice.  We go from expert to absolute beginner in our group.  Craigslist is always a good place to look for scroll saws for those who are interested in starting out.     

Anyway, back to the Project.  After we cut out all the patterns, we sanded, painted and celebrated (with a bottle of wine that Ashley’s sister made).  Yes, AM (Ashley’s very talented sister) made her own wine.  It was a Trebianno, and it was fabulous!   Thanks AM! 

Here they are:

We have big plans for our decorations, and will be back to show you what we did with them.  If you have a great Valentine's Day project we would love to hear about it- include a link! 

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