St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Danielle had the brilliant idea to make shamrock wreaths. This is a great, and easy project for any holiday.  You can make this wreath with a saw or without.

You can buy wood cutouts from most craft stores.  They come in a variety of shapes. We used a scroll saw, and found a free shamrock image that used for a pattern. 

Ashley (she is the only one to be trusted) cut the first shamrock, so we could use it as a pattern. 

We cut, cut, and cut some more.
Then we painted until we were green. 
After the painting, Ashley had to leave us.
We were left alone (no Pres or VP), and things got interesting.
We went dumpster diving...
Luckily, we realized ahead of time that the shamrocks were too thin to attach together.  So we added scrap wood to the back (explains the above).
Fixed and finished!
We have since added ribbon, and will share photos of the final wreath.
Oh, and of course we added some glitter.
We would love to hear your favorite holiday projects!

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