Tiny; Adjective

    very small; minute; wee.

There is an old that says people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  Recently certain accusations have been made on this blog concerning my deck.  
Several weeks ago I received an innocent phone call from my girlfriend – “Could you send me a few pictures of your deck to post on my blog?”  Being a kind and loving boyfriend, I immediately respond “Sure I can, I will send them to you immediately.”  So I proceed out to my deck - and of course it’s Pittsburgh so it is cloudy and rainy, not the ideal weather to show off a deck – and I take a few pictures.

The next thing I know by deck is being ripped apart for the whole world to see on the Internet.  Well, now it’s time for a little pay back.  You see, my girlfriend has a deck too, but if you aren’t paying attention you might miss it.  

So here’s the deck.    

Yes, that’s all of it – 10ft x 6ft, barely enough to fit a tiny table, two chairs, and a random bench with a rotting Pepsi box on it.  To put that in perspective, my grill (which was conveniently covered up in the pictures I sent my girlfriend…because it was raining!) wouldn’t even come close to fitting on this miniscule deck.

 And another thing, what is this?! 

Mold?  Paint?  Tar?  Slime?  I don’t know!  It looks like it’s from another dimension.  Does Slimer live underneath this deck?  Not to mention the creepy horse with the weird nose on the chair.

So before you judge my deck, remember two things:
       1. Can you trust the author? 
              2. Pictures are worth a thousand words but they can still lie…

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