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       It's been a long 3 weeks but I'm finally finished! 
Lets compare the numbers and see if  I'm disqualified from the competition, or possibly a strong candidate for winner...

This competition has been quite the challenge! I never realized how difficult it was to make chairs! Thank goodness that my boyfriend was so great about allowing me to obsess over details concerning his porch along the way.
 (Translation:  I obsessed A LOT)

Let's quickly run the numbers and ballpark a figure for you.

  • Flowers: $45.00
  • Flower Pots: Free-I repainted my old ones
  • 4 Chairs and 1 Table: $62.00
  • Stain with Paint Color added: $32.00
  • Lanterns: $20.00
  • Candles: $5.00
  • Decorative Rocks: 2.99
Grand Total

Okay so I went beyond $100.00, but I still think it was well worth the time and money. He now has a great space that he can enjoy with his friends and family for a significantly lower price than retail. 

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